How are new residents welcomed and assisted to settle in?

We have a welcome pack and orientation program for all new residents. The Welcome pack includes a greeting card, toiletries, and chocolate, just to name a few. One of our friendly staff will take you to your room and introduce you to our team and show you around the home. A registered nurse will talk to you in regards your medication, medical history, doctors, any following medical appointments etc. In order to assess your needs, a Registered Nurse will also ask you a few clinical questions, such as what type of food you like, any food restrictions, time to sleep etc. A lifestyle officer will explain the activities program we have and ask you which activities you prefer to participate in.

Can family and friends visit any time?

Yes. Lady of Grace Aged Care is your home. Your family and friends can visit any time you like.

However, this condition can be changed during pandemic or outbreak period, ie. Covid-19 pandemic
Lady of Grace will follow the government regulations and change the visiting hours accordingly.

What are the entry and exit procedures for visitors?

You can enter the home via the front entrance between 7am to 6pm. All entrance doors automatically lock at 6pm for security and safety of residents. Between 6pm to 7am, please use the intercom system to gain access.

How are disputes/issues handled by the home?

If you have any issues or concerns, please talk to the Registered Nurse or Manager on duty. Alternately there is a complaint and feedback folder at the reception counter where you can write down your concerns on the form and place it in the envelope provided, or give it to a staff member.
If your concerns or complaints cannot be resolved internally, you can also contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. The contact details are located on the message board in the reception area and also in the lift.

How does the home deal with residents’ personal laundry?

We have a contracted laundry service. All resident's clothes and linen will be washed by a professional laundry service. The laundry delivery is 3 times a week. Our laundry staff will iron and fold the resident's clothes, and place the clothes in the resident's cupboard.
You also can choose to wash resident's personal laundry at home.

What is the staff ratio?

Our staff ratio is above the national aged care staff ratio benchmark. The staff levels are also based on the resident's activity levels. There is one carer for every seven residents. In addition to this we have a registered nurse on duty at all times.

What training and qualifications do care staff have?

All care staff must have a qualification in Aged Care Personal Support, as a minimum Certificate III with medication competency.
All registered nurses and allied health professionals have their current registration and criminal check records. Some Registered Nurses and allied health professionals have multiple post graduate certificates and degrees.

We try to hire staff with mixed skills and who are also multi-lingual as Lady of Grace is a multi-cultural home.

What dementia specific care options are available for people who have dementia?

We have a memory support unit to accommodate residents with different types of dementia. We are committed to providing person-centered care. All care plans and activities will be tailored for specific needs of the residents.

What level of complex medical care are staff able to provide?

Lady of Grace can provide catheter care, enteral feeding, palliative care, complex wound care etc. We have highly trained staff who are able to accommodate the needs of residents.

Does the home have visiting medical practitioners and if so, how often do they visit?

We have several GP's who visit our residents regularly. They normally come once a week but can also attend more frequently if required.

Can I have my own doctor visit?

Yes, you can have your own doctor to visit you if your they are available to.

Can the home provide other health services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, optometry, occupational therapy, speech therapy and dentistry? How does this work?

Yes, we have a range of Allied Health professionals and specialist Geriatricians who visit here.
Lady of Grace has a visiting physiotherapist (4 days per week). Other allied health services such as dentists, optometrists, audiologists and podiatrists are arranged on a scheduled basis.

What activities are generally offered – indoor and outdoor?

We have a wide range of activities here. Please refer to the website, or the activity calendar on the notice board.

Can residents request specific activities or hobbies?

Yes, the lifestyle officer will regularly update your activity plans. You just need to let them know what you prefer to do. They will try their best to accommodate your request.

Are newspapers and library services offered?

Yes, we have a library on Level B. Newspapers are also delivered daily to the home.

Are religious and cultural festivals and events observed and celebrated?

Yes, every month we have different celebrations. Lady of Grace is a multi-cultural home. We celebrate with residents and staff from different cultures and backgrounds and incorporate these into our activities program.

What systems and processes are in place for keeping residents and families informed about events, issues and changes in the home?

We have a monthly newsletter. It includes facility updates, new staff information, resident stories, upcoming events and celebrations. We have a family case conference at least once a year to discuss with you about your care and services and any issues and concerns. We always take your feedback seriously and will provide you with actions and outcomes to ensure your concerns are resolved in a timely manner.

Can family members phone the home and speak to care staff any time?

Yes, you may contact us anytime.

Are meals cooked fresh on the premises?

Yes, all meals are cooked fresh every day on site. We have a chef onsite 7 days a week providing nutritious and delicious food every day.
In addition to this we have buffet options for breakfast and snacks.

Are there choices about where to eat? Is there one dining room? Can meals be taken in other places or in your room?

Yes, you can choose to have meals in the dining room or your own room. We provide room service for all meals.

Can family members and friends join you for meals or have meals provided on request?

Yes, they can. They just need to let staff know the day before or as early as possible and the chef will organise it. The cost for this meal is $7.

Is there a café or other alternative place to the main dining room to get snacks and meals, especially if you have visitors?

Yes, we have a servery on each level. Fruit, snacks and beverages are available for residents and their visitors. There is also a vending machine on Level B.

How many menu choices are offered for each meal?

There are two main choices for each meal.

What rules or policies about food – including food safety policies - do they have at the home?

Lady of Grace has a dedicated Food Safety Plan in place to manage food on site.
All our food is freshly cooked. Any food not consumed on the day will be discarded. Visitors can bring food in, but it must be labelled and it will only be kept for 24 hours.

Do they cater to particular diets or cultural requirements (eg kosher or halal, vegetarian, gluten free, pureed options etc)

Yes, we can accommodate all types of diets or cultural requirements. Our chefs are highly trained professionals and our menu is reviewed by a dietitian regularly.

Can residents bring their own furniture, bedding, lamps, pictures, televisions, music systems or other personal items? What are the rules around this?

We encourage residents to bring their own personal items. Lady of Grace is their home. Bringing personal or sentimental items can make people feel at home and settle in very quickly. However, due to safety reasons, large items should be discussed with management first.

Can residents choose when they want to sleep, wake, shower, eat meals?

Yes, Lady of Grace promotes person centered care. You can choose when you want to sleep, wake up, shower and eat. Just like when you are at home.
Our intent is to partner with residents to create a personalized experience.

What is cost for respite care and permanent care?

You can view our fees here