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Grace Gardens Aged Care is now owned and operated by Twilight Aged Care. Our philosophy is based on the principal that smaller homes allow for a family feel, where staff and residents can form a close bond. We provide our own unique “Twilight Family Model of Care” with key principles being; that the individuality of our residents is valued; that residents live in a home, not an institution, supported to live the life they choose with purpose and meaning, enjoying freshly cooked meals where  their health and wellbeing are our priority.



Twilight Aged Care is over 100 years old and has a unique and fantastic history embedded within North Sydney history and early Australian feminist movements.


To provide quality integrated care services and accommodation in our communities always allowing residents to maintain independence, individuality, dignity and quality of life in a safe and supportive environment.

Mission Statement.

We are committed to our organisational values:

Our History

Twilight Aged Care is over 100 years old and has a unique and fantastic history embedded within North Sydney history and early Australian feminist movements.

In April 2023, Twilight Aged Care assumed operations of Lady of Grace and this home was given a new name, Grace Gardens.  Lady of Grace Aged Care was previously owned, governed and managed by Lady of Grace Fraternity – an Italian, Catholic, non-profit, registered charity. Prior to 1995, the facility was known as Castle Hill Nursing Home.

Twilight was originally established to protect vulnerable women in the early 1910s. Older women who fell ill, whose husbands had passed on, or those who had never married, found themselves financially vulnerable in this period of history with no one to look after them.

Therefore, Sydney’s influential women, led by the Lady Mayoress, Miss Florence Clarke, banded together and held a town meeting to discuss the opening of a home for these women. They proposed the idea of a home to care for educated, refined women in their later years in need of housing and food. It would provide accommodation for the ‘elderly gentlewoman’, such as teachers, musicians, and artists between 65 and 75 years of age.

This home, later named Twilight House, in homage to the Twilight League that formed it, officially opened on the 27th May 1915 with Twilight House at Mosman.

The opening of the home was an achievement for the Twilight League but also the people of Sydney as well. The whole endeavour had been funded by the local groups and key figures, who donated and attended several fundraisers and a ball to raise the money needed.

This spirit of community involvement still continues today, in Twilight’s non-for-profit structure and the local support is receives from groups and sponsors.

Today, Twilight Aged Care provides high quality residential aged care for more than 160 men and women in our homes in northern Sydney communities, employing over 200 dedicated members of staff. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are driven by our philosophy and mission to provide the highest quality integrated care and accommodation to those in our communities.

Staying true to the philosophy of the highly driven women that established us, Twilight Aged Care has kept its smaller, boutique model that supports a home environment and more personal care.

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