Palliative care is provided for anyone who has a condition or disease that cannot be cured.

Palliative care refers to a holistic approach to anyone who has a progressive or terminal illness, which focuses on:

  • Providing comfort
  • Symptom relief and
  • Maximising the quality of life for the individual

At Lady of Grace Aged Care, we believe that anyone who is receiving palliative care has the right to comfort and pain free management. We provide special consideration to the resident and their families, and ensure that the highest standard of care. 

We ensure that the right pain relief management is implemented for each person. By combining our services with medical and allied health teams, we’re able to ensure the best possible quality of life is achieved. The local Palliative care team, doctors and nurses are called upon to determine the appropriate management and care in partnership with the resident’s wishes, families and representatives.

At Lady of Grace Aged Care, we value and respect all human life until end of life.

We are here to offer support to the family and friends.

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