Lady Of Grace

The ageing process affects everyone from birth. From the day we are born, we grow and as we grow we age. The ageing process affects every person differently and is therefore specific to level of assistance each person receives and varies across different tasks depending on one’s abilities.

Every resident faces the ageing process daily and is met with the difficulties of meeting needs to have a quality of life. The level of assistance may range from assisting someone with communication or physically assisting someone to move.
The changes an elderly person faces are huge and may take on an emotional toll. The biggest and hardest change is being transferred from hospital or home to an aged care facility. It is vital that the transition process is smooth and that the elderly person can continue maintaining the quality of life.

Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility offers a wide range of activities and services for our residents. We are situated in a great area, located on the main road in Dural and we have great views of the bush at the back. Being close to nature promotes a calm, peaceful atmosphere and promotes wildlife visits. We have our own parking area for visitors and staff, among greenery and variety of flowers.

The facility has 2 levels: Level A – upstairs and Level B - downstairs.

Both levels have dining areas and areas for entertainment. We also have a lovely courtyard, Level B. The courtyard is partly sheltered to ensure residents can enjoy sitting outdoors but not in direct sunlight.

We strive to provide a comfortable and safe environment for relaxation and interaction with other residents, visiting family and friends. Our residents can choose and enjoy daily activities as per Diversional Therapist program which is designed to target all of our residents.

We provide access to external health service providers such as: doctors, physiotherapist, optometrist, dentist, podiatrist, mobile x-ray; as well as pharmacy. We have regular hairdresser visits to ensure residents get the opportunity to have their hair styled. There are also church services. This provides an opportunity for spiritual support, time for prayer and communion. We encourage community support from local schools and Red Cross volunteers.

At the back of our facility we have a barbeque and picnic area. This is an area designed for the use of residents and their relatives as well as staff. It features an undercover area where our residents, relatives and visitors can enjoy the grounds and sounds of nature. The area also features a grotto which people can visit and use as a time of prayer and reflection.