Lady Of Grace

Respite care provides a temporary relief for a regular carer. The carer’s role may be physically and emotionally demanding at times to provide constant care for one person.

Respite care is important for carers. Respite may be provided at home, in a community centre or residential aged care facility.

At Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility, we offer respite care. Respite care is offered short term and it is a government subsidised program. An assessment must be attended by ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) for person to be eligible for this service.

Respite care is available over 63 days in each financial year. An extra 21 days may be granted by ACAT if carer is ill or unable to continue being a carer.

Respite care is beneficial not only to the carer but also to the person receiving respite. The person receiving respite services receives social contact with many other residents and staff, activities during the day as well as assistance from staff to support their specific needs.

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