Lady Of Grace

“Extra services” means that a facility is able to provide a higher level of service but for a much higher fee. This service is similar to a “hotel” style service, where the accommodation standards, services and food are higher. Extra services do not include higher level of care. This is because all care is equal among all residents.

Additional services include

  1. Single rooms with ensuites
  2. Chef prepared menu
  3. Special crockery
  4. Cutlery, and
  5. Wine with meals higher standard of physical environment.

To obtain these services a bond is usually charged to cover provision of the services. The bond varies between facilities.

Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility has met the accreditation requirements and has been certified to be approved for provision of Extra Services. If you or your family is interested in extra service placement, you must have an additional agreement to your standard resident agreement.

At Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility we offer a high standard of living with each of the rooms having: air conditioning, TV connection, phone connection.

We offer lifestyle features such as outings to clubs or cinemas, mobile library, choice of doctor, attractive gardens and easily disabled access.

Dry cleaning services are available and hand washing of delicate garments, areas for family celebrations and access to allied health professionals, hairdressers, beauticians and chaplains.

At Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility, we adhere to our mission statement and philosophy.
We strive to meet any individual needs that are vital to one’s quality of life and seek to improve the delivery of care and service. If you have any further questions, we would like to hear from you.