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To be eligible for any aged care services from the government, such as: high care, respite; a special assessment needs to be completed. These special assessments are performed by Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

ACAT is a group of health professionals who assess and determine the level of care required and services to provide adequate care based on the specific needs of the person being assessed.

ACAT assess the ability of the person to attend to their own daily tasks and determine if and what level of assistance is required to perform the task. Tasks include: showering, dressing, grooming, feeding, mobilising and communicating. ACAT will also consider the social support of the individual. This will enable the team to get a holistic picture to best provide services for determined care.

Once an assessment is completed, ACAT provides a form called Aged Care Client Record (3020). This form is the entry “ticket” to an aged care facility to access services provided by the government. All aged care facilities are subsidised by the government, so without the ACAT assessment, government will not pay the aged care provider.

Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility is a high care facility and therefore an ACAT assessment is vital. For people seeking permanent placement, once a person has been assessed as needing high care, there is no need to have further ACAT assessments.

You may arrange for a local ACAT assessment yourself, family member or through referrals of the doctor, registered nurse or a social worker. The assessment is free.

To find your local service click here or you can call Aged and Community Care Information Line on 1800 500 853

Once you have the ACAT assessment and you received an approval form, we encourage you to visit Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility and meet with our Director of Nursing for an interview. The interview process may be up to an hour. During this time, you would be shown around the facility, provided with more specific information, determine if there are any special requests that could be provided for, provide time to clarify specific needs or questions. This process will provide you with an insight into the potential environment that your loved one could one day call home.

Further information: Visit the Department of Social Services

Click Here to download our Application Form [PDF]