Lady Of Grace

For an elderly person living at an aged care facility does not mean that life is over!
Life at an aged care facility is a transition and an opportunity to continue living and contributing, being valued and respected as an individual regardless of the stage of the ageing process.

At Lady of Grace Aged Care Facility, we offer a wide range of activities to enhance our residents’ quality of life through: reminiscence, getting in touch with nature and promoting socialisation.

The variety of activities that take place at our facility include: movies, variety of entertainment, cooking, bingo, board games, quizzes, ball games, birthday celebrations, happy hours and bus trips.

One of the favourite activities is a visit from the farm animals. All the residents can connect with nature. Residents, who may even have cognitive impairment, are able to find a moment of joy, recognition and it also is a great social motivator for people.

We also celebrate national events and religious celebrations. Festive days such as: Christmas and Easter to Mothers Day, Australia Day and Melbourne Cup. These allow our residents to stay connected with reality and be involved.

The activities are also an opportunity for families and friends to visit and spend special time with the residents. We encourage that families visit regularly and not only provide emotional support but also participate together with us in delivering best possible care.